who we are
it's not about us

through our art and photography we showcase guys of all ages, builds, groups and identities wearing their favourite clothes, whether footwear, business attire, fancy-dress, fetish, underwear or perhaps only some accesories. when you submit one of yours, we will let you know if we plan to include it in our portfolio.

we also offer every guy participating in a photoshoot for a few shots of him in  particular sets of briefs, masks, fetish wear and jewellery.

who you are
it's all about you

we love to make dreams come true, fantasies shared and become reality. we work in an all-inclusive "zone", where you can be you. Share your ideas with us, we might envision the same things!

we will obviously make suggestions, but the final decision on boundaries and content lies with you.

what we do
promoting acceptance

through our work, we raise awareness that not all men are equal - equal based on pre-defined criteria for measure men against. we say the information force feed we have to endure, should not define how we see ourselves. the fashion boys with names like tommy, hugo, calvin, pick-a-name-that-sounds-good influence us with ever-changing must-haves, but we believe that guys falling into the "normal body" category can produce just as appealing photos. send us yours!


some of our work

we showcase guys defying pre-defined lifestyle guidelines and trends. show me yours!

your submission highlights

we showcase guys defying pre-defined lifestyle guidelines and trends. show me yours!

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you have a question? you want more information? you have a brilliant idea? send us a quick message and we will get back to you!

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